How to get rid of your pest problem

A pizza sauce made from ground-up tomatoes and peppers could be the answer to pest control in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, as a new app offers people a one-stop shop for pest control solutions.

The pest-control app has been developed by Pesto Pizza Sauce and its partners to offer people in the CBD access to a comprehensive range of pest control options.

The app’s makers say they have spent three years researching pest control systems, and have spent $10 million to develop the app.

The developers have been inundated with requests from businesses in the area and want to bring the service to as many people as possible, they said.

“The idea is to give people a solution to the problem they are facing, and the way to do that is to go into the field and take a look at what’s out there,” Pestos Pizza Sauce CEO Paul Fuchs said.