Trader joe S.A. says it will stop using pesticides in its products after an FDA investigation

Trader Joe’s has announced that it will phase out pesticides in some of its products, a move that the company says could save $1 billion in the U.S. and millions of dollars in the world.

The announcement comes after the FDA said it was investigating Trader Joes pesticide-free practices and that the San Francisco-based company has “been identified by the FDA as being a significant importer of pesticides.”

In a statement to CNBC, the company said it is making “a comprehensive and concerted effort” to “deconstruct” the pesticides in the products.

The company said the transition will begin in March with the introduction of a “vibrant new product line” and will continue until November 2019, when it will end its use of pesticides.

Trader Joe, founded in 1989 by Joes owner Joes Foods founder Sam Darnell, has faced criticism over its pesticide use and for its decision to continue using pesticides despite the recent Food and Drug Administration crackdown.

The FDA has been investigating Trader Joes for years over the pesticide problem, which has cost the company $6 billion in fines.

The Food and Drugs Administration has been under fire for decades for not requiring companies to test their pesticides for contaminants, which the agency has said has been an effective way to combat the spread of resistant bacteria and other harmful bacteria. 

According to the FDA’s National Agricultural Pollution Bulletin, Trader Joe and its parent company, Joes Food Group, are “responsible for the majority of the U-47700 pesticide residue found in our U.K. food supply.”

In recent years, the agency issued numerous reports and issued a $60 million fine against the company. 

The FDA has said the company’s pesticides have contributed to a “global decline in pesticide residue.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the companies said: “We have made a significant commitment to addressing the pesticide use in our products, and the results of the investigation have shown a significant reduction in the amount of pesticide residue in our product lines.”

The statement said Trader Joe “has taken measures to eliminate its use in some products.

We are in the process of implementing these measures, and we will continue to do so until our decision is final and the company is no longer identified as a significant pesticide importer.” 

The company has been identified by many critics for its pesticide-intensive food manufacturing practices, and its decision is a sign that other companies may follow Trader Joe in removing pesticides from their products. 

Trader Joe’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain, with about 30,000 restaurants across the U