‘A lot of cats have been dying from the Coopers’ pet pest control program’

The Coopers are facing a backlash from customers after a report revealed that a majority of pet cats were contracting a parasitic infection from the pet food company’s pet pest controls program.

A report published by The Guardian newspaper in August, said that 80% of pet dogs and cats were contracted from the cat food company, and in many cases the cats were eating food that had been contaminated by faeces and other contamination.

While the report said that the Coppers were not the cause of the outbreak, it said that it had raised the issue with the company, which said that all of the pets in the study had been inoculated.

Coopers’ PetPest Control program was launched in 2013 and has been credited with saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs in India, Australia and South Africa.

According to the Covers, the pet product has been found to be safe for dogs and dogs are not likely to be affected by the contamination.

The pet food companies, who have a global footprint, have been the subject of several complaints over the past two years over their handling of pet pet products and the number of infections that have been recorded in their pet food.

“We’ve had a number of customers who have expressed that they’re concerned about their pet pets being eaten, but in many instances, their pet has been eating contaminated pet food and it’s a concern for the company,” said M.K. Ramesh, co-founder of The Covers.