How to prevent a food poisoning in the kitchen

How to keep your food safe from the foodborne illness pandemic: How to pre-cook and refrigerate your food, prevent food poisoning, and prevent the spread of the illness.

Costco has been issuing guidance to customers since October, including the guidance for consumers about their personal safety.

The company has now posted its own blog post about the issue, and says it’s been working to implement the advice for several months.

Costcos blogpost explains how to protect yourself from food poisoning:1.

Keep your food and utensils clean.

Do not eat raw or cooked food.2.

Wash hands after handling raw food.3.

Avoid touching raw food with your hands.4.

Never eat raw meat.5.

If you need help keeping your food from spoiling, do not wash your hands after cleaning raw or processed foods.6.

Do not eat foods in the home, or if you are in a vehicle, always wear a mask.7.

If your family members have food poisoning symptoms, get tested.

Costo recommends that you use the “precautionary principle” when preparing foods for yourself and your family.

The advice says that food can spread if you leave it out in the sun or refrigerate it too long.

If you need assistance with preparing food for yourself, family, or someone else, contact your healthcare provider.