What do you do when you find a massive pest that is spreading rapidly in your house?

What do people do when they find a giant pest that they are not expecting?

The Al Jazeera team is here to help.

It is a day of extraordinary action that will make you feel like a superhero.

The team, led by journalist James Lippard, has just launched its first campaign to reduce the spread of the deadly white fly.

It has been called “the most ambitious pest control campaign in the history of our planet”.

Its not easy.

In this world of climate change, with climate change-induced habitat loss, the spread is becoming unstoppable.

The flies are becoming bigger, stronger, more numerous and more deadly than ever.

We’re trying to change the mindsets of people to think that we can prevent this.

Its not easy to do that, James says, but we have to do it.

Its not a simple task.

It takes a lot of time, planning, education and research.

But we are getting there.

The planThe team has developed a programme to increase awareness, encourage cooperation and reduce the risks to human and animal health.

It will use social media and information from pest control experts and experts in other industries to spread the message.

It will use its experience in Australia to increase the numbers of volunteers, who will help us in the field, James explains.

The idea behind the campaign is to use social networks to spread awareness of the problem, to raise awareness about the benefits of pest control and to reduce costs.

It also seeks to spread word that the fly is a very real threat and that if you find it, you should seek help.

Pest control experts will be at the sites where the fly appears.

There will be an area where it will stay, and an area that the volunteers will be assigned to keep an eye on.

The volunteer group will also be given a personal phone number, so that if they find the bug, they can call and ask to be transferred to a specialist.

James says that the team has also developed a phone app, which will let people know if the bug has already been found.

We have to start now.

We are really in this for the long term.

James Lipsard, Al Jazeera reporterThis week, we will be joined by the chief executive of the Australia Pest Control Association, Mark McClelland, to discuss the plan and how to prevent the spread.

Mark, we want to start by telling you about our history and our organisation.

We started out as an anti-pest campaign in Melbourne.

We’re proud of that.

But it wasn’t until we started the Al Jazeera Australia project that we started to realise that we could work together to stop this from happening.

Mark McColland, chief executive, Australia Pesticide Action Network, AlgonquinPest Control AustraliaMaggie Crouch is Al Jazeera’s assistant science editor.