The latest on the EU’s new EU-wide pest control law

An EU-Wide pest control plan aims to combat the growing number of European bees.

It will cover all European Union countries and the EU member states.

The European Commission (EC) is currently developing the EU-led plan, which is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

“The plan will be ready by mid-March.

It aims to make the EU a more efficient and effective pest control organisation, while improving the effectiveness of the existing measures in the EU, and creating a stronger, more effective EU-Bees network,” the EC said in a statement on Monday.

It said the plan will also aim to improve EU bee health.

Last week, the EC announced it would seek EU support for the next phase of the plan, to tackle the growing threat of Varroa mites.

EU-wide control measures have been in place since April, when a European Union ban on bee-harming pesticides was introduced in all member states following a spate of reported cases of Varrotas mites, or “super mites”.