The Best and Worst of Cafe Pesto

As the world continues to move towards a greener future, cafe pestos are gaining in popularity.

The trend is not new and the pesto industry is not all that new either.

But, as more and more people are opting for vegan and vegetarian options, cafes are becoming a popular place for pesto lovers to indulge.

To make pesto even more nutritious, some cafes are offering vegetarian options.

To that end, a few of our favorite vegan pesto restaurants are offering a variety of vegetarian pesto dishes.

The list of these restaurants is long and includes such spots as Baked Potato and the Baked Vegan Pizza, and also a few restaurants that are offering vegan pestos.

If you’re in the mood for pestos that are as tasty as they are tasty, you’re going to want to stop by one of these places.