What to do when your rodent problem goes wrong

An elderly couple was living in the basement of their rented house in southern Ontario when they discovered that mice had begun to overrun their home.

“They had mice all over the place,” said Mrs. Jean-Pierre de Bonville, 81, who lives with her husband, Claude.

“We couldn’t even sleep.”

After being warned about the rodents, they decided to put them out of their misery.

“It was just a horrible situation,” Mrs. de Bonvilles husband, Jacques, 61, told The Associated Press.

I could hear them coming from upstairs. “

I could hardly sleep.

I was so afraid.” “

When I came out, the whole house was full of mice.

I was so afraid.”

The de Bonvilles and Mr. de la Bonvilles have three cats and a dog.

The rodents are believed to have arrived from France.

A neighbor told CBC News that mice started to burrow into their backyard.

The de Bon villes’ daughter, Evelyn, told CBC Toronto that the rodents were “absolutely disgusting.”

“We don’t know why they came.

They are not supposed to come in here,” she said.

I don’t think they are allowed in here.” “

No one knows what to do.

I don’t think they are allowed in here.”

The mice have killed and maimed their pets and other animals, and caused them to become so sick that they can’t even leave the house, the couple said.

An elderly couple in southern Toronto noticed their cats had begun invading their home and decided to place them out.

“This was a very scary situation,” said Jacques de Bonvils, who has three cats.

“A dog started to die in his sleep, his neck was hurting, he had pneumonia.”

After being warned by neighbours about the mice, the de Bonsills decided to remove them.

“Our cats are our only friends,” the husband said.