‘No one can take away my culture’: Viking woman in Sweden takes on ‘fugitive’ men with ‘viking’ name

Sweden has taken an unusual step to prevent the spread of a sexually transmitted disease that has infected tens of thousands of people.

Vikings are among the world’s most prominent examples of “folk medicine” — a practice that uses the power of the spirit and the strength of the body to cure disease and treat physical injuries.

They’re also known for their physical beauty, but there’s something uniquely Norse about the Scandinavian people.

The Vikings are known as the “folk physicians” for their reverence for nature, and many of their traditions include practices such as bathing, singing, and the ritual of “the fire” or “the feast.”

But there’s a dark side to the Vikings, too.

In a recent survey by the Stockholm University Medical School, more than 60 percent of respondents said they’d be afraid to have sex with strangers.

And while many of these men were married, some still had a history of abusing women.

The men of the Viking world were known as warriors, and they were known for hunting, raiding, and raping women.

According to the National Geographic website, one of the reasons men were able to survive so long in the face of such brutal violence is because they were “inventors” of their own way of killing.

One Viking man even invented a new weapon, the “mighty spear,” a large, long-handled weapon made of wood, iron, and bone.

According to The Associated Press, the spear was used as a weapon in a war against the Picts, a powerful group of Celtic-speaking people who ruled parts of Britain, Ireland, and northern Scotland.

The Picts believed that men and women could not live in harmony with one another, so they made it illegal for women to enter their territory and were responsible for the deaths of their enemies.

Viking men and warriors had to be “protected from the enemy,” according to a 17th-century Viking legend.

So they used a shield with a sword-like blade that could cut down the enemy’s spearhead with ease.