Why some dogs get a cold after eating a meal

A group of pet owners in Florida say they have discovered that some dogs that eat meals, like meat and chicken, may be at risk of getting a cold.

The owners of three dogs in the town of Delray Beach say they took them to their veterinarian in early September and found out the dogs had a virus that’s causing them to have a fever and have a sore throat.

They’ve had the dogs treated and they’re going back to the vet this weekend for a blood test to see if the virus is still present, said veterinarian Dr. Gary Osterman.

Dr. Ostermans tests have come back negative for any new virus, but the owners say they don’t think it will be long before they are able to bring the dogs back home and give them the vaccinations they need.

Dr Ostermen said he’s seen this situation before and that the best way to prevent a dog getting a severe infection is to follow these tips.