A brand new family pest control company opens its doors in the UK

In what the company says is the first commercial deployment of its pest-control system, the company is opening its doors to the public. 

The company, based in London, is the latest in a series of UK companies to be testing their technology on a pilot basis.

The company’s founder and CEO, David Atherton, told The Telegraph that his company was looking for a suitable site, and would be deploying it on a trial basis, but had no further details on what exactly would be in store. 

Atherton said that his aim was to start offering a pest control service to people, and then scale it up in the future.

“We’re working on something really small, but we’re building something that we believe will be a world-class pest control system,” he said.

“That’s what we want to be a part of.”

In an interview with The Times, Athertons stated that the system was still being developed, but that the initial prototype would have an array of sensors on the front, with a secondary array of cameras.

The device is designed to have a range of sensors, and can track insects and other pests from a distance of at least 100 metres. 

“We can track a lot of things, whether it’s mice, rats, cockroaches, they can even track their footprints, so we can track where they’re at and where they’ve gone,” he added.

Athertons hopes that the new system, which can track the insects as they move, will be able to provide more accurate pest control, and also allow for more efficient and targeted pest control.

He said that the company had been working on the technology for several years, and was now ready to go into commercial operation.

“I think the biggest thing is to start getting it on the ground and get it to people,” he told the newspaper.

In recent years, British companies have struggled to maintain a foothold in the international market, despite the number of countries in which they operate, ranging from Australia to Russia to China.

Despite the difficulties, Aetherton said he believed that the UK was a good market for the pest-controlled systems.

“There are so many countries out there that are not equipped to do it,” he commented.

“We’re building it in London so people can be able [to] have control in their own homes.”

He added that the business model of pest control is simple, with each company offering its own services, and the cost of the service is low.

“You pay nothing to get a service,” he explained.

“The only thing you have to pay for is the software, and that’s pretty cheap.”

When you’re using the software and you have a control system that works, you pay nothing.

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