Costco pest control offers pesto grilled cheeses as a ‘must have’ item

Costco, which offers grilled cheese sandwiches and pizzas at its stores, is offering pesto for sale at its premium store, Costco, as a “must have” item.

Costco is also adding a new pizza option to the store, which is now priced at $4.99, according to the company’s website.’s pesto will be available in its premium stores beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, according a post on the store’s website with a screenshot of a promotional video for the product.

The pesto comes in a small “lighter” container with a red label that says “pest-free.”

It’s available at Costco and Walmart.

Costus is a chain of supermarkets with locations in 11 states and more than 20 countries.